B&B Property Enterprises seeks to capitalize on emerging markets and equitable properties.  The company examines markets and properties that meet its high standards for investment return.  B&B specializes in:

  • Research-based property acquisition
  • Effective property management
  • An emphasis on multi-family units

B&B will establish a property acquisition process that includes first establishing market sustainability through analysis of the market trends, employment, and demographic characteristics of a community.  The company also will utilize its experience to navigate and expedite the property acquisition process once suitable properties have been identified.  B&B will provide superior management and customer service to retain tenants at each multi-family housing unit.

Research-based property acquisition:  B&B plans to exercise its property acquisition expertise to obtain three to five properties with estimated total of 750-1000 apartment units in each market.  The company will investigate property acquisition opportunities in emerging markets throughout Wisconsin using methods rooted in research that outline the following:

  • Demographic characteristics: employment, income, age
  • Market sustainability:  supply vs. demand
  • Market trends:  rental rates, occupancy rates, population density, distance to employment and amenities

Effective property management:  B&B will self-manage its property units in southeastern Wisconsin to maximize return on investment, while utilizing a management company for out-of-state properties.  This will be made possible by the following:

  • Cost-effective and targeted marketing:  company website; advertisement on Hotpads, Craigslist, and Zillow; on-site banners and signs
  • Superior, proactive maintenance: routine maintenance checks; 24-hour response time to requests; well-kept, welcoming common areas
  • Responsive and friendly customer service: tenant newsletters; positive atmosphere and sense of being part of a community; and follow-up calls

An emphasis on multi-family units:  B&B will invest in the purchase of multi-family housing units in order to take advantage of the following:

  • Longer-term rental agreements than smaller properties
  • More units, lower percentage of rent loss due to vacancies
  • Higher monthly revenue due to tenant density
  • Typically more units under one roof, meaning fewer repairs and lower maintenance cost
  • Larger property = greater appreciation